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Software Projects
by Kursiv Publishing House
Software Projects
by Kursiv Publishing House
Last updated: March 4, 2014
Excursion Into Prepress Software

Excourse Advertising is an advertising agency and a software development project of Kursiv Publishing House — a publisher of prepress/graphic arts magazines and books based in Moscow (http://www.kursiv.ru). Started as an independent company in 1998 Excourse employs the same team that works on articles and reviews for Kursiv magazines and therefore has a firsthand knowledge of the graphic arts market.

While writing software reviews for Kursiv graphic arts magazine the editors always marveled:

  • Why some very important problems printers and publishers have to coupe with daily are not addressed by well known software ‘tycoon’ companies?

  • Why the existing solutions should cost that much if they do not require a lot of efforts to implement by anyone who browsed through the file format specifications and has basic programming skills?

Quick study of technical issues involved showed us that simple and obvious solutions existed for these cases. To amend the situation we decided to create our own series of software projects under Excourse brand name.

Excourse software is a collection of small and simple tools that offer elegant solution for 'not-so-simple' problems. To date series consist of two main products:

  • Excentro is an illustration tool that lets computer artist to create vintage guilloche designs to decorate or add ‘money like value’ to their work.

  • PressPerCent is an ink key presetting and estimation solution that could be handy on the production side of a graphic arts street.

While Excourse software is not free (we have to charge for software to justify the development of future versions) all efforts are done to keep it as affordable as possible. After all these tools are created by publishers for fellow publishers.

Feedback & Questions

We would like to hear feedback on the benefits and shortcomings of our software.

E-mail: info@excourse.com

Note: We do answer ALL e-mails with questions about Excourse software. If you did not get a reply within 2-3 business days, there is high chance that our reply (or your e-mail) fell a victim to some e-mail filters. Please, repeat your e-mail (if possible, use a different mail server with not so smart anti-spam system).

Phone/Fax: +7 (495) 6176652
Address: 17, bldg. 6, Selskohozyaistvennaya st., Moscow 129226, Russian Federation
(These are contact number and street address of Kursiv Publishing House. Please, use e-mail for Excourse software specific questions.)

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